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What is electronic waste?
Electronic waste or technological waste, refers to all electrical or electronic products that have been discarded or discarded, such as: computers, cell phones, televisions and appliances.

Where most of the electronic waste goes?
Only 25% of the technological waste produced in the world is being recycled correctly. The rest ends up in the countries that produce them and in landfills.
 Why is electronic waste bad?
It is bad because it contaminates the air and water if it is not thrown where it should also cause diseases.
What diseases causes electronic waste?
(Disturbances in the bio synthesis of hemoglobin and anemia, increase of blood pressure, damage to the kidneys, abortions, disturbances of the nervous system and decrease of the fertility of the man)

What materials usually contain electronic waste?
Copper, gold, zinc, beryllium, tantalum, lead, cadmium, mercury, lithium and arsenic.

How many tons of electronic waste is generated every year around the world?
50 million tonnes of electronic waste or seven kilograms for person.

How many kilos does one person generate for year?
Seven kilograms for person.

How is electronic waste known?
Is it known by WEEE for (waste electrical and electronic equipment)

Is it less polluting to use a rechargeable battery and why?
Rechargeable batteries, although polluting, can be used up to 500 times.

A data that you want to give us that is interesting?
To make batteries 50 times more energy is spent than they generate. In other words, to generate a battery, the equivalent of 50 cells is consumed.

About our interview

We talk about the electronic waste is considered to be the main problem of landfills by the year 2013. It is called electronic waste or WEEE to those electronic parts that evan to landfill. With electronic parts we refer to computers, mp3, televisions, players and a long and assorted group of etceteras. The easiest way to recycle it is to take the device that no longer works to the parent company, many companies receive the unused devices and are responsible for recycling them into other parts that are then marketed, it is best to thank them for having Taken your equipment will give you discounts ranging from 10 to 25 percent.This is something very general but in www.anafernandez.net there is much more information, there is even an article from a cashier or ATM that pays you because you take your old equipment quite interesting.

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